The water used for the production of Birra Vulcano is exclusively from the sources of Mount Etna, which has always been recognized for its purity and organoleptic properties.


The hops used in Vulcano beers are carefully selected among the best international producers. In fact, it is a fundamental ingredient to impart the right bitterness and a unique taste to beer.



this is the ingredient obtained from the malting of barley to give personality to our beers, determining according to the degree of drying heat and flavor.


Vulcano beer is produced through the fermentation of a particular Belgian yeast that gives the finished product an alcohol content of 6%.


The nectar produced by the black bees of the Nebrodi has a quantity of antioxidants three to ten times higher than any other honey. Employed for the production of Bionda Beer contributes to give it a sweetish and easily recognizable taste.