Vulcano Beer
The craft beer 100 % Made in Sicily

Vulcano Beer is the project of three young entrepreneurs from Catania, grown in the shadow of the biggest volcano in Europe and wishful to valorize their territory. The territory of Etna, rich, but difficult, able to answer only after a few efforts, coupled with a pinch of passion.

Brewing in a place generally linked to some of the Sicilian enology flagship, represented only a further challenge that we accepted. And we can say it was worth it. Etna and Sicily, in fact, are able to convey their essence to a beer mug, personalizing it with the scents and flavors of fresh and natural ingredients. Craftwork, the one we love, then contributes to making that mouthpiece unique in its genre.

We handle every aspect of production as well as a good craftsman with his own creation: we carefully choose all the raw ingredients and carefully monitor the fermentation and maturation phases of our beers. Finally, in our business philosophy, brassic tradition combines innovation in product promotion and sales processes, as the market demands today.